QSense Wireless Motion Sensor

3D Orientation & Movement Tracking

Revolutionising the landscape of 3D orientation tracking, the QSense Wireless Motion Sensor emerges as a cutting-edge solution, seamlessly blending compact design with powerful functionality. This state-of-the-art wearable boasts a sophisticated 9 Degree of Freedom (9-DOF) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), a testament to precision and innovation.

At its core are pivotal MEMS sensors designed for unparalleled accuracy:

  1. Accelerometer (measuring linear acceleration): This sensor ensures meticulous tracking of linear movements, providing a granular understanding of an object’s acceleration in three-dimensional space.
  2. Gyroscope (measuring angular velocity): Immerse yourself in the intricacies of motion with the gyroscope, which meticulously gauges angular velocity. This feature allows for the precise measurement of rotational speed and changes in orientation.
  3. Magnetometer (measuring the Earth’s magnetic field): Unveiling a new dimension in tracking, the magnetometer enables the sensor to interpret the Earth’s magnetic field. This capability is integral for applications requiring orientation relative to the Earth’s magnetic poles.

Motion Sensing Data Outputs Tailored for Any Application

The QSense Wireless IMU Motion Sensor goes beyond mere data provision; it crafts an immersive experience. Its compact form factor belies the immense power packed within, making it an ideal companion for diverse applications, from research to sports performance analysis to virtual reality simulations. In the era of smart wearables, the QSense Motion Sensor sets a new standard for precision, responsiveness, and adaptability. Elevate your interactions with the physical world—immerse yourself in the QSense experience.

QSense wireless IMU motion sensors seamlessly streams kinematic sensor data with sample rates ranging from 10 to 200sps (depending on the application) the following data outputs:

  1. Raw sensor data (from accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer): create your own human movement tracking solutions either 9-DOF or 6-DOF.
  2. Quaternion data (Madgwick based)
  3. Free acceleration

Low Latency Wireless Motion Streaming

QSense Wireless Motion Sensors leverage wireless BLE to achieve optimal wireless performance with minimal latency, positioning them as an ideal choice for real-time gaming, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality applications.

Supported bandwidth upto 2Mbps/s and a typical latency < 25ms.

Explore cutting-edge wireless kinematic sensor motion capture technology for advanced motion analysis for real-time applications.

Low drift

The QSense sensors show minimal drift in static and quasi static conditions, making them perfect for applications demanding precision and reliability. This characteristic is particularly vital in scenarios such as rehabilitation training, exercising and virtual reality, where consistent and accurate motion data is paramount. Our IMUs and Madgwick based filter algorithms exhibit low drift which ensures prolonged accuracy, enabling seamless and dependable performance over extended durations, making them instrumental in diverse industries reliant on precise motion sensing technologies.


Compact, Rechargeable, and Resilient

Discover the sophistication of QSense Wireless Motion Sensors, encapsulated in a sleek and compact design. The user-friendly interface features a single button alongside five full-color light indicators, offering essential device information for seamless operation.

Measuring a mere 39 x 24 x 10mm and weighing a feather-light 8 grams, this device conceals a powerful 140mAhr rechargeable battery, ensuring a minimum of 10 hours of uninterrupted usage. Effortless recharging is facilitated through the Micro USB interface, compatible with standard chargers or the convenience of a QSense docking station.

Designed to thrive in extreme and challenging environments, QSense boasts an IP67 waterproof rating, epitomizing durability in its very essence. This device is more than a sensor; it’s a resilient companion engineered for optimal performance under diverse conditions.

QSense-Motion Platform PC application

Seamless Integration

QSense ensures effortless integration of QSense Wireless Motion Sensors into mobile device platforms, meticulously optimized for real-time, low-latency gaming, as well as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Engineered with interfaces at varying abstraction levels, QSense offers a flexible and versatile solution for system integrators, facilitating the development of wearable applications with ease.

Empowering developers, QSense provides comprehensive Software Development Kits (SDKs), along with thorough documentation, illustrative code examples, and dedicated integration support. Our commitment is to make the integration process as straightforward as possible, allowing you to harness the full potential of QSense technology with unparalleled simplicity.

QSense Wireless Motion Sensor

Product Highlights

9DOF IMU based Motion Tracking

Sample rates between 10-200 sps with low latency (10-20 ms) optimised for real-time gaming & training applications.

Data Output

  • Raw 9DOF sensor data
  • Quaternion data (Madgwick based)
  • Free Acceleration

Accurate & low drift

State of the art IMU motion sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) and Madgwick based algorithms results in (quasi) static errors < 0.5 degrees and 3 degrees in dynamic environments.

Wireless Streaming Using BLE

Wireless streaming using BLE with best in class wireless range and data rates upto 2Mbps.
Use the Wireless BLE dongle or direct interfacing with BLE enabled devices using the Qsense API.

Product design

Small size, lightweight and waterproof motion sensor.

CE certified

CE certified, all documentation prepared for use in medical devices.

Qsense PC Application

Quick setup, 3D visualisations, configuration management and data collection (raw data or quaternions).

QSense Mobile Application

Live view & recording of streamed QSense Motion Sensor data. Starting point for developers to create own applications.


QSense can be attached to the body using straps. Other options: direct taped to the body or full textile integrations.

9DOF Mocap sensor

Technical Specifications

IMU Motion Sensors

  • Sample rate: 10-200sps (depending on application)
  • Accelerometer :
    • ±2/±4/±8/±16 g full scale
    • Sensitivity: 0.122 mg/LSB
  • Gyroscope:
    • ±125/±250/±500/±1000/±2000 dps full scale
    • Range: ± 2000 deg/s
    • Sensitivity: 70mdeg/s
  • Magnetometer:
    • Range: ±50 gauss
    • Sensitivity: 1.5mGauss/LSB

Output Modes

  • Raw sensor data (acc, gyro, magnetometer)
  • Quaternion data
  • Free Acceleration data

Accuracy Quaternion mode

  • Madgwick based
  • Maximum (quasi) static error: < 0.5 degrees
  • Maximum dynamic error: < 3 degrees (compared to Vicon motion system)
  • Accuracy of the quaternion output will be affected by magnetic disturbance. Internal compensation strategies are implemented to minimize the effects of magnetic disturbance and gyroscopic bias.
  • Minimal drift during static and quasi static training & exercises


  • Micro USB for charging and communication
  • Wireless BLE. Upto 2Mbps


  • Flash memory: 8 Mbyte

User Interface

  • Wireless status indicator
  • Programmable RGB light indicators (5)
  • Button

Power Management & Battery

  • Rechargeable 140mAHr LiPo battery, up to 10 hours of continuous operation (fully charged batteries)
  • Standby time in shutdown mode (after 3 minutes of no BLE connection or button press): +/- 140days
  • Standby time in hibernate mode (automatic activation after 7 days of not using the device): > 2-3 years


  • Maximal latency < 25ms (sensor data till received on test PC). Exact latency depends on the configuration.
  • Typically latency: < 10ms.

Product Design

  • Dimensions: ( l x w x d): 38.9 x 24.3 x 10.2 mm
  • Weight: 8 grams
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Small, lightweight sensor that can easily be integrated into clothing or straps

Temperature & Humidity

  • Operating temperature: 5oC-40oC
  • Long term storage conditions: 10oC-35oC
  • Humidity: up to 85%
  • Pollution degree: 2


  • CE certified, all documentation prepared according to medical device class 1 regulations and standards
Download CE Declaration of Conformity

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