QSense Motion Sensing Research Application

Motion Sensing for Research Made Easy

The QSense Motion Sensing Research PC Application offers a streamlined and user-friendly solution for medical and technical researchers seeking efficient and precise human movement measurements.

With its intuitive interface and advanced capabilities, researchers can seamlessly integrate the QSense system into their studies.

This application ensures a quick and straightforward acquisition of detailed movement data, empowering researchers to focus on the intricacies of their work rather than grappling with complex measurement processes. Experience the ease of use and accelerate your research with QSense Motion Sensing Research PC Application.

Motion Sensing for Research
QSense Motion Sensing Research Application - Live View

Setup. Visualize. Record.

The QSense PC Application is a sophisticated tool designed for streamlined system setup and efficient data management. Leveraging the QSense Unity DLL and interfacing seamlessly with the QSense wireless dongle, this application offers a range of functions, including scanning and connecting QSense sensors, magnetic field mapping, assigning sensors to specific body segments, and real-time data streaming.

Users can visualize 3D movements in real-time through a dynamic motion puppet display, facilitating precise control and analysis.

Additionally, the application supports the recording of real-time sensor raw and Quaternion data, with the flexibility to export and playback recordings, providing a comprehensive solution for users seeking precision and flexibility in motion sensing applications.

Graph View – Display of Sensor Data

The Live Graph View feature of the QSense PC Application offers a dynamic and comprehensive display of essential data. Users can visualize data from individual sensors in real-time through the graph, with the flexibility to toggle between the following parameters:

  • Acceleration
  • Angular Rate
  • Magnetic Strength
  • Quaternions
  • Free Acceleration

This intuitive functionality allows for precise monitoring and analysis of each sensor’s performance, providing a valuable tool for users seeking detailed insights into the motion dynamics captured by the QSense Motion Sensors.

QSense Graph View

Warnings for Soft & Hard Iron Interference

The QSense PC application warn the user when soft and hard iron interference occurs. As these effects may influence the accuracy of the results, it is recommended to stay away from them both during calibration and performance. These types of interference are common when the sensors come too close to metallic objects and electromagnetic devices.

File Format Specification

All data is by default stored in csv format. Data is separately saved for each sensor. All data is date/time stamped.

Raw Sensor Data


Raw data saves linear acceleration (ax,ay,az), angular speed (wx,wy,wz) and magnetic field (Bx,By,Bz) for each sensor.

3D Orientation Quaternion Data


Quaternions save 3D orientation of the sensors in 4 components (w,x,y,z).

Free Acceleration


Free acceleration saves linear acceleration (x,y,z) without the gravitational acceleration.

Introduction to the QSense PC application


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