QSense Mobile Motion Capture App

Discover Seamless Motion Capture with QSense Mobile App

Unlock the power of motion capture with the QSense Mobile Motion Capture application—an intuitive and versatile tool designed to showcase the advanced capabilities of the QSense system. Whether you’re an enthusiast, researcher, or developer, this app is your gateway to a world of possibilities. Let’s delve into the key functions that make QSense Mobile a game-changer in motion capture.

Key Features

Manage QSense Motion Sensors with Ease

The QSense Mobile Motion Capture app empowers you to effortlessly add, remove, and rename QSense sensors. Stay in control by accessing real-time status and battery information, ensuring your motion capture setup is always optimized and ready for action.

Live View of Raw Measurement Data

Experience the magic as it happens with a live view of raw measurement information. The QSense Mobile Motion Capture app provides a dynamic, real-time display, allowing you to monitor and analyze motion with precision.

QSense Mobile Motion Capture application
QSense Mobile Motion Capture application - Live view

Record Raw Measurement Information

Capture the essence of every movement by recording raw sensor outputs Whether you’re fine-tuning your technique or conducting detailed research, the QSense Mobile Motion Capture app ensures you have the data you need at your fingertips.

Customizable Settings

Tailor the app to your specific needs with a range of customizable settings, including:

  • Offset Compensation: Fine-tune measurements by adjusting offsets for optimal accuracy.
  • Magnetic Field Mapping: Enhance precision by mapping and managing magnetic fields.
  • Sensor Configuration: Personalize sensor settings to align with your unique requirements.


QSense Mobile Motion Capture app is more than just an app; it’s your partner in motion capture excellence. Whether you’re conducting research, refining techniques, or exploring the boundaries of motion analysis, QSense Mobile is the tool that empowers your vision. Download the app today in the Apple or Google app store and embark on a journey of seamless motion capture innovation.


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