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Welcome to QSense Motion, where innovation meets precision in motion tracking technology. Our advanced IMU-based sensors provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability for various motion tracking solutions & applications, including sports analysis, virtual reality, and rehabilitation. Discover how QSense Motion can enhance your projects with cutting-edge motion capture solutions.

About Us

For over 15 years, QSense Motion has been at the forefront of designing and developing innovative wearable products. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a leading company in the wearable technology space. We continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible, delivering products that are both functional and stylish.

Relevance of Motion Tracking

Motion tracking technology is pivotal in today’s advanced applications, offering precise and real-time data essential for various fields. In sports, it helps athletes refine their techniques, prevent injuries, and enhance overall performance through detailed movement analysis. In virtual reality, motion tracking creates immersive experiences by accurately replicating user movements in the virtual world, thus blurring the lines between reality and simulation. For healthcare and rehabilitation, motion tracking provides critical insights into patient movements, allowing for tailored treatment plans and effective monitoring of recovery progress. These applications demonstrate the versatility and importance of motion tracking technology in enhancing human capabilities and experiences across different domains.

Motion Tracking Solutions


Explore our range of advanced motion tracking products designed for various applications:

Wearable Motion Sensors: Compact and accurate sensors for detailed movement tracking.

IMU Motion Capture: High-precision sensors for comprehensive motion capture in research and VR.

Rehabilitation Motion Sensors: Advanced sensors to monitor and improve patient recovery.


Discover how our technology can be applied across different fields:

Sports Motion Analysis: Enhance athletic performance with precise motion tracking.

Virtual Reality: Achieve immersive VR experiences with full-body tracking.

Healthcare and Rehabilitation: Monitor patient progress and customize treatment plans with accurate data.

Case Studies

Learn how QSense Motion’s technology has revolutionized various industries:

Sports Performance: Case studies on how athletes improved their training with our sensors.

Virtual Reality: Success stories of VR projects enhanced by our motion tracking technology.

Rehabilitation: Real-world applications of our sensors in improving patient outcomes.

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Have questions or need more information about our motion tracking solutions? Contact our team for assistance and find out how QSense Motion can help with your specific needs. Let’s collaborate to create customized solutions that perfectly suit your requirements. Email QSense at [email protected]

Summary of Services

Motion Tracking Technology

Our advanced IMU sensors provide precise data for various applications, ensuring accurate movement tracking for sports, VR, and healthcare.


Wearable Motion Sensors

Compact and reliable sensors designed for seamless integration into any project, offering high accuracy and real-time data.


IMU Motion Capture

Ideal for detailed movement analysis in research, virtual reality, and sports, our IMU sensors deliver unparalleled precision.


Sports Motion Analysis

Enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries with our sports motion analysis technology.


Virtual Reality Motion Tracking

Create immersive VR experiences with our full-body tracking technology, ensuring every motion is accurately captured.


Rehabilitation Motion Sensors

Monitor and improve patient recovery with our advanced sensors, providing detailed insights into movements for better treatment plans.



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Discover the latest in 9DOF motion capture sensing technology with QSense-Motion. Perfect for applications in research, sports, and VR gaming, our motion capture systems provide real-time wireless data streaming, ensuring accurate and reliable performance.

Experience unparalleled motion tracking with QSense-Motion’s advanced 9DOF sensing solutions, designed to enhance performance, improve research outcomes, and create immersive experiences. Learn more about how our cutting-edge technology can revolutionise your projects.



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