Motion Sensing API for Developers

Optimized for VR, AR applications

Seamlessly integrate QSense motion into your project with ease, thanks to the developer-friendly QSense Motion Sensing API for developers. Our cutting-edge QSense motion sensors are meticulously optimised for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Our sensors redefine the way users interact with digital worlds, delivering unparalleled precision and responsiveness. Designed with a focus on eliminating latency these sensors seamlessly bridge the gap between reality and the virtual realm. Whether you’re exploring new dimensions in gaming, revolutionizing training simulations, or shaping the future of design, our motion sensors bring a new level of realism and immersion to your VR and AR endeavors. Step into a world where every movement becomes a tangible action, thanks to our meticulously crafted motion sensors designed exclusively for your immersive aspirations.

Multiple ways to interface

The QSense-Motion platform offers multiple intuitive interfaces. We understand that every user has unique needs, and that’s why we offer a diverse range of interaction methods to seamlessly connect with our platform. From a user-friendly graphical interface for those seeking a visual approach, to more powerful API’s for Unity, .NET or mobile solutions (Xamarin/ Native) developers to solutions that require deep integration using our QSense Motion Sensor or Wireless Dongle Serial Port API – the QSense-Motion platform empowers you to choose the interface that best suits your workflow.

With this flexibility at your fingertips, you can effortlessly unlock the full potential of motion tracking technology and create a truly tailored experience. Discover a new dimension of interaction as you navigate, create, and innovate with the QSense-Motion platform’s diverse interface options.

Application Programming Interfaces [API’s]

QSense offers various ways to interact with the system. You are not required or forced to use any of them, they are just there to hopefully make your life easier. Do want to complete create your own software or integrate with your current code base? No problem. You can start with integration of the Motion Sensor API and get direct acces to our motion sensors. Hereby a complete overview of the current APIs and DLL that are available:

QSense Motion Sensor API

Uses BLE 5.2 with support for Data Length Extension (DLE)

Direct wireless communication over BLE5.2 with the QSense motion sensor via the sensor API. The API protocol makes use of the Nordic UART Service (NUS) and is defined on top of this UART interface.

The advertisement packet send by the sensor has the possibility to include a customizable name in the manufacturer specific data.

The memory map uses 2 memory locations: control memory and stream memory. The full API is available on request.

Besides stream data the developer has a number of controls available:

  • Identification & versioning
  • Set device name (visible in the advertisement package)
  • Battery level percentage
  • Motion level: to identify is the sensor is tapped or moving
  • Parameters related to magnetic field mapping
  • Quality parameters
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer sensitivity
  • Set data mode: mixed, raw or quaternion
  • Sample rate, data buffer, connection interval
  • Set animation & color of the LEDs on the sensor

QSense Wireless BLE Dongle API

The wireless dongle is optimized for maximal stream performance to a PC or a laptop and can be optimized for specific applications. Furthermore it makes getting started with QSense as easy as possible. There is no need to use our dongle you can also use the native BLE build into a tablet, mobile phone or personal computer.

The protocol makes use of the serial port interface to transmit and receive data from QSense devices that connect to the dongle via BLE5.

The following functions are availble:

  • Receive
  • Transmit
  • Connect
  • Disconnect
  • Stop scan
  • Status

Windows 10/11: yes (implemented and tested)
Linux: yes
OSX: yes

Supported Dynamic link library DLLs

These DLLs are optional to use if it can speed up your development. We use them for our own demonstrator applications and thought they might be useful for others as well.


The QSense .NET DLL makes development of .NET based applications for PC, laptop or mobile device easy. Tested and used for .NET applications and mobile Xamarin apps.

Target framework: .NET Standard 2.1

iOS: tested 16.0 or higher
Android: tested from Android 8.0 (API level 26) or higher
Check version support for any other .NET implementation at:

QSense Unity DLL

The QSense Unity DLL empowers developers by providing a straightforward approach to constructing applications that utilize the QSense device in Unity, eliminating the need for in-depth knowledge of the QSense API.

Target: .NET Framework 3.5
UnityEngine v2.0.50727

Windows 10/11: implemented and tested

QSense Dongle .NET DLL

The QSense Dongle .Net DLL provides developers with a straightforward approach to constructing applications that utilize the QSense system, eliminating the need for in-depth knowledge of the QSense Sensor API and the QSense Dongle API.

Target: .NET Standard 2.1

Windows 10/11: implemented and tested


QSense Native DLL for Android and/or iOS is currently not available but is on the QSense roadmap.

Integration support

Our comprehensive integration support ensures that incorporating QSense-Motion into your projects is a smooth and efficient endeavor. Whether you’re looking to embed motion tracking in your software application, synchronize it with hardware components, or connect it to third-party tools, our platform offers a range of resources, documentation, and expert assistance to guide you through the integration process. With our integration support, you can focus on your vision while we handle the technical intricacies, guaranteeing that QSense-Motion becomes an integral part of your solution without disruption.

We provide integration support for all our solutions and interfaces. Secure, flexible and easy to integrate products with your software. We have extensive experience of BLE and other wireless technologies resulting in the most seamless solutions.

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