IMU Motion Sensing Platform Overview

Wearable IMU Motion Tracking

The QSense IMU Motion Sensing Platform is a wearable motion sensing platform intended to monitor the 3d orientation of human body segments from linear acceleration, angular velocity, and magnetometer measurements. The system consists of several waterproof (IP67) wireless streaming QSense Motion Sensors and the QSense PC Application for recording and visualization. Each QSense Motion Sensor includes an accelerometer (measuring linear acceleration), a gyroscope (measuring angular velocity) and a magnetometer (measuring earth magnetic field). Via wireless BLE connectivity, the system can output the 3d orientation (quaternions) as well as the raw sensor data (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) in real-time. The QSense IMU Motion Sensing Platform can be used to collect data or be integrated in solutions for a wide range of applications for research, sports and exercise science, ergonomics and (virtual reality) games.

QSense Motion Sensing Platform Storage Case

Open IMU Motion Sensing Platform. Easy Integration

QSense Motion Sensors are easy to be integrated in mobile device platforms and optimised for real-time, low-latency gaming, VR & AR applications. QSense Motion Sensors provides open interfaces at different abstraction levels making a flexible and versatile to use solution for system integrators to develop their wearable applications. QSense Motion provides Software-Development-Kits (SDKs), comprehensive documentation, code examples and integration support to make integration as simple as possible.

Platform Building Blocks

Our QSense IMU Motion Sensing platform is built on a foundation of essential building blocks that redefine flexibility, modularity, and extensive customization. The QSense platform empowers users to effortlessly construct tailored solutions through a collection of versatile components, each designed to seamlessly integrate and adapt to diverse needs. With these building blocks, users can create, modify, and expand functionalities with unprecedented ease, fostering a dynamic ecosystem that evolves in step with their ambitions. Whether assembling a streamlined application or a complex system, our platform’s modular architecture ensures efficient development, adaptability, and limitless customization possibilities, paving the way for a new era of technology innovation. Hereby an overview of the various QSense Motion platform building blocks.

QSense Motion Sensors

The QSense IMU Motion Sensor is a 9 DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) measuring accelerations, gyroscopic velocities and the magnetic field using a magnetometer. These can be outputted as raw data output or quaternion data. The device contains a rechargeable battery and is IP67 waterproof. The motion sensor has a button and 5 multi purpose RGB light indicators.

More about QSense IMU Motion Sensors
QSense Motion Sensor
QSense Wireless BLE dongle

QSense Wireless BLE Dongle

The QSense Wireless BLE USB dongle simplifies interfacing with QSense Motion Sensors and provides maximum & tested data throughput. It is used in combination with the QSense PC application and available for Microsoft Windows platforms. The QSense Wireless BLE serial port API is also available for developments on OSX and Linux platforms. In the case that your (mobile) device supports wireless BLE connectivity this dongle is not needed.

QSense Docking Station

The QSense Docking Station provides a convenient storage and charging solution for your QSense Sensors. It enables simultaneous charging for up to 5 QSense IMU Motion Sensors. Each docking slot in the station is equipped with a built-in micro-USB port. To power the docking station, simply connect the included power adapter (5V, 1500mA) to the micro-USB port located on the side.

QSense-Motion Docking Station
Wearable motion sensor sports

QSense Body Straps

QSense can provide different type of body straps and accessories. Straps for arms, legs, chest and back are available. It is also possible to use patches or fully integrate the motion sensors in clothing. Please contact us for more information.

QSense Research PC Application

The QSense PC Application enables users to quickly setup the system, collect raw sensor and Quaternions data, assign QSense Motion Sensors to body segments and display a live view of a 3D movements.

The QSense PC Application uses the QSense Unity DLL and interfaces with the QSense wireless BLE dongle.


  • Scan and connect QSense IMU motion sensors.
  • Magnetic field mapping.
  • Assign sensors to body segments.
  • Real-time data streaming
  • 3D motion puppet visualization.
  • Record real-time sensor raw and Quaternion data and export.
  • Playback recordings.
More about the QSense Research PC Application
QSense-IMU Motion Platform PC application
QSense-IMU Motion Mobile Application

QSense Mobile Application

The QSense Mobile Application is a Xamarin application that uses the QSense .NET DLL that requires .NET MONO and can be used on Android or iOS devices with BLE support.

The QSense Mobile Demo Application provides a live view of QSense Motion Sensor data and the possibility to record data and can be a starting point for developers to easily start creating own applications.


  • Scan and connect the sensors.
  • Real-time data streaming graphs.
  • Record real-time sensor data and export.

The QSense Mobile Application can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Stores.

More about the QSense Mobile Motion Capture App

QSense Application Programming Interfaces

Creating your own applications is easy and straightforward using the QSense API’s. We can also provide code examples or offer integration support to make addition of motion-sensors as smooth as possible. QSense currently has the following API’s available:

  • QSense Motion Sensor BLE API
  • QSense Wireless BLE Dongle API (on request)
  • QSense Unity DLL (Dynamic Link Library)
  • QSense Dongle .NET DLL
  • QSense .NET DLL for mobile devices (iOS, Android). Required .NET MONO.
  • Other interfaces on request.
QSense-IMU-Motion-Sensing watch

Custom Solutions

Unlock the potential of QSense IMU Motion sensing with our custom solutions tailored for specific applications and new products. Developments are done by 2M Engineering in the Netherlands.

More about 2M Engineering

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