Full body tracking for VR/AR

Unlocking Immersive Experiences with QSense Wireless Motion Trackers

QSense wireless IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) based motion tracking offers several possibilities in full body tracking for VR/AR and mixed reality applications. A single motion tracker can be used to track essential body functions, multiple for body segments or tracking specific movements of the complete body. QSense-Motion solutions for full body tracking in VR (Virtual Reality) /AR (Augmented Reality) offer the flexibility to fully immerse yourself in virtual and augmented reality environments.

Minimal motion to full body tracking for VR/AR

Experience the future of virtual and augmented reality like never before with QSense wireless IMU-based motion tracking. Dive into a world where your every move is accurately captured and translated into the virtual environment, bringing unparalleled levels of immersion and interactivity to your VR/AR experiences using low latency wireless connections.

QSense Motion Tracker in full body tracking for VR/AR
QSense motion trackers in action in full body tracking for VR/AR
Motion Tracking for AR/VR

Enhanced Immersion

Step into a virtual world where your entire body becomes the controller. With full body tracking powered by QSense technology, every gesture, step, and motion is faithfully replicated, blurring the lines between reality and virtuality. Feel the thrill of being fully immersed in the digital realm, where your actions shape the world around you.

Natural Interaction

Say goodbye to clunky controllers and embrace natural interaction in VR/AR. With QSense wireless IMU-based motion tracking, you can interact with virtual objects and environments just like you would in the real world. Kick, punch, reach, and grab with precision and fluidity, opening up endless possibilities for intuitive gameplay mechanics and immersive experiences.

Fitness and Wellness

Take your workouts to the next level with full body tracking in VR/AR. Whether you’re breaking a sweat with virtual sports simulations or mastering martial arts in a digital dojo, QSense technology ensures that every move counts. Track your progress, receive real-time feedback, and achieve your fitness goals in an engaging and motivating virtual environment.

Personalised Avatars

Express yourself like never before with personalised avatars in VR/AR. With full body tracking powered by QSense, your virtual representation mirrors your every movement and gesture, creating a seamless connection between the physical and digital worlds. Customize your avatar to reflect your unique style and personality, and stand out in the virtual crowd.

Training and Simulation

Transform the way you learn and train with QSense wireless IMU-based motion tracking. From healthcare simulations to military training exercises, our technology provides a lifelike and immersive training environment where users can practice complex tasks with real-time feedback and analysis. Bridge the gap between theory and practice, and master new skills with confidence.

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Detailed motion tracking at home

Gesture Recognition

Unlock the power of gesture recognition in VR/AR with QSense technology. Seamlessly control virtual interfaces, manipulate objects, and communicate with others using natural hand and body movements. Say goodbye to traditional input methods and hello to a new era of intuitive interaction in the digital realm.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

At QSense, we believe that everyone should have access to the transformative power of VR/AR. That’s why our wireless IMU-based motion tracking solutions are designed with accessibility in mind, providing alternative input methods for users with disabilities and accommodating a wide range of physical abilities and preferences.

Entertainment and Social Interaction

Elevate your social experiences in VR/AR with QSense full body tracking. Connect with friends, family, and strangers from around the world in immersive virtual environments where body language and gestures speak volumes. From virtual dance parties to collaborative creative spaces, the possibilities are endless when you’re fully immersed in the moment.

IMU motion sensing Instrumented objects

IMU based instrumented objects

Welcome to the future of rehabilitation, where innovative IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensor-instrumented objects are transforming the way we approach physical therapy and recovery. At our forefront, we harness the power of IMU technology to create smart, adaptive tools that facilitate personalised and effective rehabilitation programs.

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Performance Capture

Capture the magic of live performances with QSense motion tracking technology. Whether you’re a professional actor or a digital animator, our wireless IMU-based solutions provide real-time motion capture capabilities that bring characters and performances to life like never before. Say goodbye to cumbersome motion capture setups and hello to seamless integration with your creative workflow.

Portability and Ease of Setup

Experience the freedom of wireless motion tracking with QSense technology. Our solutions offer unparalleled portability and ease of setup, making them ideal for location-based entertainment, live events, and on-the-go VR/AR experiences. Say goodbye to tangled cables and complicated calibration processes, and hello to a seamless and hassle-free motion tracking experience.


Step into a world of endless possibilities with QSense wireless IMU-based motion tracking. Whether you’re exploring virtual worlds, honing your skills, or connecting with others, our technology is your passport to immersive and unforgettable experiences in VR/AR. Join us on the journey to redefine the future of human-computer interaction, one gesture at a time.


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