Wearable Motion Sensor Development Platform for innovators, developers and researchers

Create any motion tracking application for sports or health rehabilitation with ease.

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Wearable motion sensor sports

Movement tracking, wireless streaming and real-time, low latency exergaming.

The QSense wearable motion sensor platform allows precise tracking of any movement or activity. Applications are endless ranging from activity, sports or sleep tracking to streaming exergaming solutions to real-time, low latency VR/AR applications. QSense can also give real-time feedback to warn, train or correct.

QSense is used in sports labs, research organisations, health rehabilitation, exergame developers and client specific OEM/ODM product developments.

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Prototype your ideas with ease. Measure, analyse, learn and improve

We have learned that there are countless good movement tracking ideas that can potentially truly benefit people. However it requires in many cases almost a technical engineering degree to implement and test these new ideas. The QSense platform makes prototyping new ideas easy. You focus on building, measuring, testing and improving your idea while we take care of the underlying technology.

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Turn ideas and prototypes into new movement tracking products

The fully certified QSense hardware contains all functions to cover a wide range of motion applications. Our open device API allows software developers to easily integrate QSense in complete end2end applications.

Wearable Motion Sensor Product development support

The QSense team provides integration support, but can also do custom device, application or algorithm developments. The QSense team has built an extensive track record in wearable motion sensor product creation including (medical) device certification and production.

Features & Benefits.

Easy to use motion capturing. Ideal for researchers.

QSense offers a complete motion tracking solution that is quick and easy to apply for any (non-technical) researchers. Objectify any movement. QSense outputs raw data (own algorithms), quaternions or (on request) angles.

Real-time streaming. Ideal for gaming & training applications.

QSense is optimised for real-time gaming, training and exercising at home or in a professional setting (including AR/VR /MR). The QSense open interfaces, example code and integration support enables easy game integration for any game developer (f.e. Unity).

Advanced activity algorithms. Unparalleled insights.

Most advanced, clinically validated automatic activity classification algorithms providing fully automatic unparalleled insights in people’s daily activities. Automatically classify specific movements, daily activities, sleep or sports.

Complete ecosystem. Full controle over your product.

The QSense platform offers a complete ecosystem of building blocks for activity tracking and motion streaming providing full control over your custom product. Make the best choices and achieve the best results for your solution. One single platform with endless possibilities.

QSense Motion Sensor

The QSense Motion Sensor represents a pinnacle in 3D orientation tracking, housed in a compact 9 Degree of Freedom (DOF) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). Equipped with sensors such as an accelerometer for linear acceleration, a gyroscope for angular velocity, and a magnetometer for Earth’s magnetic field, this wearable device seamlessly communicates via wireless BLE 5.3, ensuring optimal wireless performance with minimal latency. Beyond its technological prowess, the QSense Motion Sensor offers an immersive experience, featuring a simple user interface, rechargeable battery, and durable design, making it an ideal choice for applications ranging from real-time gaming to Virtual and Augmented Reality. Its integration-friendly design, supported by Software Development Kits (SDKs) and comprehensive documentation, further positions QSense as a versatile solution for developers and system integrators.

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Complete Research & Development Platform

The QSense Motion Sensing Platform is a complete research & development platform for wearable monitoring of 3D orientations of human body segments.

Combine the sensors with the QSense PC Application to quickly setup, record and visualize 3D movements in real-time in quaternions or output raw sensor data (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer). Data is wirelessly streamed via wireless BLE. This provides the ideal starting point for data collection for (medical) research, sports science, ergonomics, or gaming applications.

The QSense Mobile Application and various APIs empower developers to create tailored applications seamlessly. The platform’s open interfaces and Software-Development-Kits (SDKs) simplify integration, while its modular architecture allows for extensive customization.

Other parts of the eco-system include a QSense Wireles BLE Dongle, QSense Docking Station and the QSense Strap System.

The platform’s versatility extends to custom solutions, unlocking new possibilities in motion sensing and development. All developments are undertaken by 2M Engineering in the Netherlands, ensuring precision and innovation.

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